How to make the Address Bar of your blog colorful in the Chrome Browser of Android devices?

A new feature of Android is to display the Address Bar in color matching with the color of the website. Do you understand what I’m talking about? No problem if you don’t understand, I explain well. Only the latest Android versions (Some Android Kitkat, All Android Lollipop, All Android Marshmellow) have this feature. If you open Facebook with Google Chrome browser on these phones, you will see that the address bar of the browser is blue because Facebook’s color is blue. How to make the Address Bar of your blog colorful in the Chrome Browser of Android devices?







Recently, apart from Facebook, BBC and other social media sites have started using this feature for their branding. Mainly it will help your blog to have a strong Color Branding. Take Facebook as an example. The main color theme of their site is blue. So you will see this blue color in everything from Facebook logo to Android applications, Java applications, fonts.





If you want to survive in the current era of competition, you have to do all these customizations as soon as possible. Either way, you need to make your blog stand out from the crowd. Only then can you be successful.






Usually when readers open your blog using smartphones, they see white color in the address bar of Chrome browser. But when you add this amazing feature to your blog, readers will see your blog color in their address bar as soon as they open your blog on their phones. This will make your blog look like a part of their phone. It will also help in branding your blog and it will be able to give your readers a smart user interface. At the same time, your blog will become different and better for the readers.






Do you also want to color the Address Bar of the phone of readers using Android devices according to the color of your blog? Sure want? So let’s see how to add this feature to your blog-/




To do this I used a simple Meta Tag. By adding this Meta Tag to your blog template, you will be able to display any color you want in the address bar of your readers.





Earlier this feature could be added only in WordPress blog, but I tested it in Blogger Template and was able to make it work and it works very smoothly in Blogger Template. Follow the steps below to add this tag to your Blogger Template-






1) Log in to your Blogger Account and go to your Blogger Dashboard.

2) Now click on Template > Edit HTML.
3) Now press CTRL+F from the keyboard and search the code below.
4) Copy the code below and paste it above or before the above code.
<meta name=”theme-color” content=”#08C6FD”/>
5) Finally click on the Publish button and exit.









Change the 08C6FD part after the # sign in the code above with your desired color code to give the color you want.
The job is done, now open your blog with any Android device and see how your phone’s Address Bar has been colored in the color you want. I have given the color code as blue in the above code. So if you apply above code directly in your blog then you will see blue color in Address Bar. You can use any color as per your need to match your blog color. If there is any problem let me know through comments. Chrome Browser of Android devices

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