How to lock computer files?

What do you mean by file lock? File lock is basically locking something. Are you surprised? Well, I am telling you that a file or filer lock means securing any document with a password, so that no one can access that file without the password. How to lock computer files?




If you are using Windows laptop or computer then you can easily lock your important files by setting password.




How to lock files or folders on the computer?

We will use some software to lock files. Now there are many types of software available on the internet with which you can easily lock your files or folders. But the problem is that most of the software is paid. Which people like us don’t want to use. So let’s know some of the best methods by using them we can easily lock our important files.




File lock using WinRAR software –

WinRAR is a popular software. If you have used a computer then you have used this software at some point. This is a very useful and necessary software.

You can easily lock your files using it if you want. Let’s know some steps by which you can lock files on your computer:

1. Download WinRAR software on your PC. If not already downloaded. You can download it for free by typing WinRAR in google. Or click here –

2. Once the software is downloaded, install it. Install it in the same way as you install ten other software on PC

3. Once the installation is complete, find the file or folder that you want to lock.

4. After selecting the file, move the mouse over the file and click the right mouse button. On clicking you will see such a pop up box.

5. In the box you can name your file or folder if you want. And below the pop up box you can see Set Password. If you click there with the mouse and enter the password to lock your file and then click the OK button, your file will be locked.





Now let’s see how to open a locked file –

To open a file after locking it, you need to open the locked file. Once opened it will ask you for password. Then you can unlock the file with your password.

You can lock your files using this if you want.




File lock using Lock A Folder software –

1. Download Lock A Folder software on your PC. If not already downloaded. If you search by typing Lock A Folder in Google, you can download it for free from there. Or click here –

2. Once downloaded, install and do the same for ten software.

3. Once downloaded, open the software. After opening you will be given a master password.

4. Click on Lock A Folder to lock the file after entering the master password. Click Next with the password given by the master password.

5. To select the folder you want to lock now, select the folder from Solt 1 and click Lock It. The file is locked.






Now let’s see how to open a locked file –

Click Unlock Folder to unlock file or folder, select the Slot folder you want to unlock and click Unlock It here and open the file with password.

You can also lock your files this way if you want. I personally find this process very troublesome. You can try it once if you want.






Finally I want to say –

We can lock our important files through above two methods. In fact, many times our important files are stolen or lost. So through these methods we can overcome them. And we can lock our computer files.

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