How to increase blog Page View and Traffic?

In most cases it is seen that a visitor is visiting your blog from various mediums including search engine. But that visitor leaves the blog after seeing a post. There are normal reasons why a reader visits your blog but doesn’t see other blog posts. Following a few simple tricks can keep a reader on your blog longer by showing them other blog posts and increasing page views. If you can do this, a blog will be much more important to search engines. How to increase blog Page View and Traffic?






If a visitor leaves the blog within a short time after seeing a post on the blog, the search engine assumes that your blog does not have any quality content because the visitor does not stay on your blog for long. Moreover, increasing Page Views is very important for those who are using Google AdSense on their blogs. The more page views you get on your blog, the more AdSense income will increase.






How to increase blog PAGE VIEWS?

When you write unique and quality blog content, no one needs to ask you to visit the blog. Your blog content will bring a lot of visitors and page views from search engines. Below are some important points to increase Page Impressions and visitors.






01. Good content:

I always suggest everyone to write good quality unique content on blog. Because the easiest and main way to get blog visitors is quality unique content. When you share new unique content on blog regularly, this content will bring visibility to your blog. And when visitors read your blog posts and get good quality articles, they will visit your blog again. Copying content from other’s blog and using it in your blog will not make you successful.







When you write a post, the previous posts related to this post can be created as Permalink in the form of Anchor Text. As a result, the visitor can easily read the previous posts while reading your post. As a result page views of your blog will increase.






Popular Posts are another important way to retain readers on your blog. When visitors enter one of your blog posts from search engines, they will want to visit your popular posts. You can add it to your blog sidebar.






Be sure to include it below your blog post. When the reader of your blog reads a post, the browser will automatically select the post and show such related posts. As a result, readers may also like these posts. So this is also an important way to keep readers engaged on your blog.





05. Adding RANDOM POSTS:

There will be some visitors who visit your blog every day. So they will feel bored to see one type of post. If you add the Random Posts Widget, it will show random posts on your blog. By this the reader will get more idea about your blog post.





06. Navigation Maneuver:

No matter what type of blog/website you have, you must add a Menu Bar. Add label links to the main topics of your blog in Manobar. By doing this, visitors can easily understand that what is the subject of your blog? As a result, page views of your blog will increase easily.







This is an easy way to get Page Views of any blog. On your blog’s home page, you can add a small summary of the posts and the rest by adding a Read More button. This will increase the page view of the blog.




08. Improving Blog LOAD TIME:

If your blog is very slow then the blog will not get visitors and page views at all. Because if the blog takes a long time to load then the visitors will feel bored and leave your blog.






09. Adding SEARCH BOX:

Add a good quality search box to the blog. Because when the reader searches for something he likes on your blog, he will want to search and find it without going through all the posts. In this case, if your blog does not have a search box, then he will get bored and leave.




10. Social media sharing and participation in FORUM:

As soon as you post a new post, be sure to share it on various social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Besides, you can share the link of your post by answering questions related to your blog in any other good forum. This will increase the number of visitors to your blog from all those sites.






Avoid using black background and opaque font in the blog. You will use background color and font so that the content of the blog can be easily seen and read by the reader. In the case of Bangla blog, you can post a font problem solution, so that the reader can easily solve the font problem.






12. Advertisement:

Don’t arbitrarily use low-quality ads anywhere on the blog in hopes of making more money. This will annoy readers and may be counterproductive. Using the right size of ads in certain places will increase your income and readers will not feel bored.





Last word:

If you follow all the above posts well then your blog visitors and page views will increase. And those who are using Google Adsense ads increase the Page Impression of their blog means the increase in income. But at the root of everything is the content of the blog. The blog must have good quality unique content. Copy content may not be used in any way.

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