How to ensure buyer protection rights?

There is no end to human deprivation from birth to death. People buy various products to meet their needs. There is a saying in marketing that the buyer is the king. But in our country the exception can be noticed. Manufacturers and sellers of various products try to harass or deceive buyers in various ways. How to ensure buyer protection rights?



Buyer protection rights

About 50 years ago today, the movement for the protection of consumer rights began in America. The Consumer Union was first formed in the United States in 1935. Based on the writings of a number of socially conscious writers during the Great Depression of 1930. The union examines and analyzes the harmful and defective aspects of the product in its own laboratory and arranges for its publication in the Consumer Report. This movement for consumer rights in the United States gradually spread throughout Europe. Ralph Nader, a former member of the US Congress and founder of the US-based multinational Monitor magazine, has been called a leading figure in the global consumer movement.



Buyer protection rights

On March 15, 1982, at the initiative of US President John F. Kennedy, the US Congress recognized four rights of consumers. That is – a. Right to security, b. Right to information, c. The right to enjoy the desired product or service at a fair price, d. The right to complain and represent. In August 1978, the UN Economic and Social Council passed a resolution protecting consumer interests. Subsequently, in 1985, the UN General Assembly adopted and approved a Consumer Protection Guidelines recognizing 7 rights and 5 responsibilities of consumers in the protection of consumer interests.



The rights and responsibilities of UN-recognized consumers are as follows

6 rights:

01. The right to food, clothing, education, medical care and basic housing.
02. The right to secure products and services.
03. Right to know product ingredients, usage, side effects, etc.
04. The right to get the right products and services at a fair price.
05. The right to complain and represent.
07. Compensation for loss of use of any product or service.
07. The right to be educated about rights and responsibilities as a consumer.
07. The right to work and live in a healthy environment.



05 (five) responsibilities :

01. Be aware and ask about the quality and quality of the product or service.
02. Save the right product by bargaining.
03. Also, be careful that your behavior does not hurt other buyers.
04. Be aware and proactive in maintaining the balance of the environment.
05. Be vocal and organized to protect your rights as a consumer.



Protection of consumer rights in Bangladesh

Expressing solidarity with the international consumer movement. The Consumers Association of Bangladesh was establish in Bangladesh on 26 February 1986. CAB is an institution approve by the government. It is register with the Department of Social Services and the Bureau of NGO Affairs. At the same time, it is a member of the international consumer-consumer organization. It is headquartered in London.

After the establishment of CAB in Bangladesh, the draft Consumer Protection Act was enacted in 1997. However, even today it has not been finalized.



Cab activities:

01. To make the people aware and informed about the rights and responsibilities of the buyers and consumers.
02. To create public awareness against product quality, price and weight fraud.
03. Trade and economy.
04. Safe food and food security.
05. Health, Medicine and Medicine.
07. Establishment of good governance and social justice.

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