How to change birth registration number from 16 digits to 17 digits by yourself

Many who registered births initially had handwritten birth certificates and registration numbers of 16 digits. Due to updating birth registration system such 16 digit birth registration verification is not available online. If you have the same problem or the registration number is 16 digits. Then I will tell you the trick how to get the correct number of 17 digits. How to change birth registration number from 16 digits to 17 digits by yourself

First we try to understand the cause of this problem.







Why problem to verify 16 digit birth registration

When the birth registration system was first introduced, our (registered person’s) information was stored in a list form in a birth registration register in a union parishad or municipality. And we were given a birth certificate handwritten in a printed form. Then these birth registration numbers were 16 digits.

Later due to increase of interconnection and digitization of all government services an online based system was made. Moreover, the registration number is increased from 16 digits to 17 considering the population growth rate. Currently updated birth registration number must be 17 digits.

After that, the government plans to upload the information of this register to the online database. There is no automatic method of uploading new information online. These birth registration register information has been uploaded online by Lokbal.

As a result, many forget to upload the registration information. So, in these cases, when trying to verify the birth registration, it shows No Record Found problem. Read what to do if birth registration is not online.







17 digit rule for birth registration


To make birth registration 17 digits you need to add a zero (0) before the last 5 digits of your 16 digit birth registration number. Or you can add zero (0) after the first 11 digits to make it 17 digits. Among the 17 digits of the birth certificate, the first 4 digits are the person’s year of birth and the last 6 digits are the personal identification number.

Since, the last 5 digits of the previous birth certificate had Personal Identification Number, a 0 should be add at the beginning to make it 6 digits.

Note here that the last 5 digits of the registration number are 01311. Now you have to put a zero at the very beginning of it, eg 001311. Then check your birth registration.

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Questions and answers

16 digit birth registration number how to 17 digit?
You can make 17 digits by putting a zero (0) before the last 5 digits of the old 16 digit registration number. Must verify the 17 digit number online.






Why 17 digit birth registration is not available online?

There can be 2 reasons why birth certificate is not available online. First, your registration number may be wrong. Another reason could be, your birth registration information is mistakenly omit from being update online. For this, you report your problem with your birth certificate to Registrar’s office- Union Parishad/ Municipal/ City Corporation office.

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