How Hackers Hack – Must Read

A hacker can click on a generated link and hack all your information. A hacker will send you a link via sms or any other means and if you ever click on that link, a hacker can steal all your information instantly from there. And in this you will fall into great danger. A hacker can steal all your mobile data, even your debit and credit card and bank account details. Now the question is-






Can be hacked by just clicking on the link?

Ans: Yes it is!!!!!!

How Hackers Hack Clicking on a link reveals what hackers can hack—and how Hacker can get your Contact list, message, location, Camera access. By automatically installing Spyware on your device and executing it, almost your entire device can be hacked. If it is not executed, then a picture, pdf, doc file, or any type of file can be downloaded by clicking on the link, and by clicking on it, your device can be infected with a virus. If the hacker uses the Browsee exploit, such as Beef! Then if you click on the link, the hacker can get the saved password in your browser. You can get your location, contact list, (If the password is not saved, then your Id pass can be hacked by taking you to







Advance Phishing page.

If hackers use Link Exploit, your computer can be hacked through that. What techniques do hackers use for this? It can be in many ways, now let’s discuss in detail. I will mention only 4-5 steps. Through SMS Many times we get a message on our phone saying “Take 10 GB free and download via Mygp or any other App link” Bulk Sms or sms spoofing can be done very easily.







Hackers can also do this by bulk sms or sms spoofing. Virus Bind inside the App! You will download the app and it will work properly, and the virus will remain dead. Even if you uninstall the app, the virus will remain on the device under a different name. (If there is an Embed then another thing) And you will be hacked!










via email

We get a lot of emails, big companies check their emails every day. Suppose a customer emailed, he gave a demo. Or given the link for details. As soon as you open the email from the company, a file will be downloaded and auto execute! If not, an error will appear on the display, click Cancel or OK. The virus will execute. By the way, Pc hacked. Data leaked. Or demanding huge sums of money. Or all data encrypted in Ransomeware Attack!








This is how big companies are hacked constantly. Freelancers also get hacked. Because everyone is a Windows user, every day the demo of the client needs to be seen, downloaded and opened. how much This makes them more hackable. It can be called drive by exploit. How Hackers Hack








How Hackers Hack – Must Read

**** Open a link with your Android device. As long as the Open link tab is open in your browser, your browser will continue to exchange love with the hacker. In this you can get camera access, can get location access. Or saved password can take all. Many times you will see many people put tab on Camerar. That’s why it keeps on. **** We browse with different website browsers. Sometimes annoying popup comes, Auto redirect takes you to some other page.







In this way your phone data can be hacked. Then you can see what you are doing with your camera access, record and blackmail you.Now another thing, in case of browser exploit, as long as your tab is open, your device will be in the love of hackers, as soon as you close the tab, they will break up. But it depends on how smart the hacker is…! If you are more smart, even if you close the tab, it is no use, their love will continue!!! (There are many other ways, it is not possible to write so much in one post, so I can’t write more details.) How Hackers Hack







How to keep yourself safe?

Use good Antivirus. Although I am keeping my Defender, Real time protection, Firewall all disabled. I can use it safely, understand something. So you don’t do that either. Be sure to use a good Antivirus. However, hackers can bypass it. Still be very secure. How Hackers Hack








You can come to Linux. I use dual boot, more on Linux than Windows.

While opening the link, you can copy the link and open it in Incognito mode or in any browser that does not have anything saved, without opening it directly from Facebook or anywhere. Be sure to tap on the camera of the laptop. 😛 I’ve had mine for ages! How Hackers Hack








How do you give these ATTACK?

(You have to learn some things by yourself. You can try in sha Allah, use Browser exploit, Rat, doc exploit, image exploit etc. Use all of them in a beautiful way so that the victim believes your Scam. Detectable exploits are available for free. , Undetectable Silent exploits are often purchased)Rate the post

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