Hogmanay is a Scottish phrase meaning “the closing day of the 12 months.” It’s celebrated in Scotland on New 12 months’s Eve, while Scots host house parties and alternate items. The celebrations are frequently accompanied by means of events on each New year’s Day and January 2, that’s a bank excursion in Scotland. at the same time as the origins of Hogmanay are tough to pinpoint, its roots are thought to lie in Norse and Gaelic traditions










Throw a celebration
You don’t must be Scottish to rejoice Hogmanay! you are likely going to have fun New yr’s Eve anyway, so get your self a kilt and do it Scottish fashion. you would possibly serve a few haggis (the well-known Scottish pudding), and put together a soundtrack of music offering bagpipes.










Watch “Braveheart”
The 1995 film, presenting Mel Gibson, tells the tale of William Wallace, who led the warfare for Scottish independence. The movie picked up 10 Academy Awards and grossed extra than $210 million global.









go to Scotland
there is lots to look — from Glasgow to the historic metropolis of Edinburgh (and its fortress) — to the highlands, and Loch Ness. With a few success you would possibly spot the Loch Ness monster. In Glasgow you may catch the antique firm Derby among football golf equipment Rangers and Celtic, one of the oldest and fiercest soccer rivalries in the international.










  1. Scots know how to party

    Remember that scene in “Four Weddings and a Funeral” — the one with the wedding in the Scottish Castle? It may be the rain, it may be the “heather on the hills,” or it may be genetic, but the Scots can throw a party. Beer might also be a factor.



  1. Kilts and culture

    Scotland has an amazingly rich cultural history. It was once frozen over, but when the ice melted, a gang of hunter-gatherers showed up and inhabited the land. Its culture was shaped through independence from the Roman Empire and through wars with England. This rich history shines through in its art, architecture, music, and other aspect of society. And yes, occasionally the guys wear skirts.



  1. It celebrates friendship

    Hogmanay is all about celebrating with friends. House parties reflect the communal nature of the holiday, and gift-giving is a key component. Part of the tradition is to acknowledge the first visitor to one’s home in the new year.




Year Date Day
2021 December 31 Friday
2022 December 31 Saturday
2023 December 31 Sunday
2024 December 31 Tuesday
2025 December 31 Wednesday

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