Hobbit day 2021 – Wednesday, September 22

Hobbit Day is an ancient name applied to September 22, the thirteenth anniversary of the first book in J.R.R.Tolkien’s famous fantasy series The Hobbit. The history of Tolkien’s books is complicated and some have speculated that it dates back to the time when Middle Earth was created when Middle-earth was destroyed by the Dark Age. It is not certain how long before Middle-earth existed or what caused the cataclysm. One speculation is that it was created when the planet shifted its orbit around the sun, creating a large impact. If this was true, it is possible that the Rings Trilogy was created around the same time as Tolkien wrote the books.

In Tolkien’s fictional world, Middle-earth was populated by hobbits, a race of diminutive human beings, who were magically shaped like small animals. This species were originally on the surface of Middle-earth, but later migrated to the Shire, the most magical and protected place in Middle-earth. The Shire is located at the center of Middle-earth, and there are three towns in Middle-earth: Rivendell, Caladornin and Minhagar. The Shire is also home to the hobbits, who lived in caves. When Bilbo arrived in the Shire, he began to fall in love with Missenta, the maiden who worked in the woodcutter’s shop. He wanted to marry her but she told him he needed to find a companion, a tall white-robed dwarf whom he could not see.

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In Tolkien’s novels, the Shire is ruled by a king named Frodo Baggage. He and his loyal knight, Samwise Gamgee, defend the Shire against the evil fellowship of Gollum, a dark wizard. Frodo and his fellow hobbits travel to Mount Doom, the top of Middle-earth, where they meet the wizard Saruman. The Shire-ring was destroyed when the enemy made a fiery explosion of fire and lava that engulfed the entire northern region of Middle-earth. Many of the hobbit’s houses were burnt down, but they escaped to the west, traveling through a tunnel in the hopes of finding a refuge.


On the first day of their journey, they encountered a Great White Beast that was guarding the Shire and demanded to be taken to Mirkwood, a place called the House of Stone. However, they were saved by the elves, who shaped a large tree around the hilltop. After resting for several days, the hobbits finally made their way into the palace of Rivendell. The Shire was now called Middle-earth and the Shire hours stood in accordance with the planetarium on Todays timetable.

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The tradition of passing a meal has been going on for a long time in Middle-earth. When the first king of Gondor and a number of his descendants escaped from their native Shire (now known as Middle-earth), they had to find a way to pass their food and supplies through their tunnels. That is why in the Lord of the Rings, it is not long before the Shire-ring is filled with Orcs and Men. This is also why the Shire Hours in Tolkien’s universe are called “Merry Men’s Day”. The tradition of passing a meal has survived and still exists today, as most hobbits have their own long kitchen in their residence or they can simply use a table as their camping table.

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In Tolkien’s world, hobbits can only eat six meals a day. There is no word on what food they eat or on how often they eat, but it is likely that it depends on whether they are traveling to a faraway place or if they are at home. For those hobbits who are at home, they might bake a meal for themselves, although this does not seem very realistic. Instead, hobbits will probably eat three or four hobbit-shaped meals a day, including one snack. These meals are not reflected in any real-life culinary traditions, but these are the foods that hobbits are likely to eat during a normal day.

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