Here are some exercises we can do to get rid of pain

Some exercises we do to get relief from pain- We take some painkiller tablets for our body pain. We do not understand how harmful these painkiller tablets are to the body. After a while when we feel severe pain or it increases we become anxious. Here are some exercises we can do to get rid of pain






Our movement is disrupted. We can’t do our jobs properly. So if there is pain today we will learn some exercises to do. Doing these exercises will reduce the pain of any part of the body.






What exercises are needed for pain?

1. Back extension exercise
Many of us suffer from back pain. I suffer from severe back pain. For this lower back pain you will first lie on your back.

After sleeping put your two hands in front and put your stomach down and move up and down. People do the same thing as Bookdown.

Here are some exercises we can do to get rid of pain

Hold for 10 seconds while lowering the book. Repeat 25 to 30 times three to four times a day.





Lower back pain exercises

To do this exercise, you lie upright. That is, you will go to sleep. After sleeping put your hands under your waist and press your back.

Press and hold for 10 seconds. Do 20 to 25 reps with 5 second rest. You can do this exercise three to four times a day.







Muscle pain can occur in any part of our body. Mark the area where the pain is on the body and hold it with the thumbs of both hands and apply firm pressure and move the muscle a little.






Knee isometric exercises for knee pain

Many times we cannot walk due to knee pain. It is very difficult to go from one place to another.

That’s why if you have knee pain, you should press a small knee pillow under the knee after lying straight for 10 seconds. Do this 20 to 25 times a day for three to four times. Some exercises we can do to get rid of pain-






Arm Exercises-

Hand pain makes it difficult for us to do many activities. That’s why you tie a rope under a tree or a window grill and move it up and down with both hands for hand pain.

That is called pulley exercise. You can do the solder wheel exercise. You can swing both hands up and down through the walls of your room.







Breathing Exercise-

This is very important if you have chest pain. Hold your breath for 10 seconds. After counting 10 mentally, release it again. Do this exercise like this.






Exercises for Back Pain-

To do this exercise, you need help from another person. After you sleep on the bed or bed you need to fry upwards from your hat.

Then hold the solder joint with one hand and lower both legs with the other hand. This is how this exercise should be done.






Knee exercises-

If you feel more pain in the knee joint, knee gapping is often required. A round bell is required to give it. This also has to be taken through someone else.






Here are some exercises we can do to get rid of pain

Calf Muscle Pain-

Do an exercise called calf muscle rolling if you feel pain in the muscles below your knee.

We have come to know to some extent that doing these exercises can relieve a lot of pain.

If you think your pain has become too severe then you can consult a doctor.

That’s why you need to see a good physical medicine doctor. They will teach you the exercises beautifully.

It is possible to have a pain-free body if you exercise daily. Painkillers are not a solution to this treatment. Some exercises we can do to get rid of pain-

May give you comfort for a while. Painkillers are very harmful to the body. Later you can notice its effect. So it is better to consult a doctor to stay pain free.

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