15 February

happy singles awareness day

Singles consciousness Day is on February 15, so in case you’re single and totally despise Valentine’s Day in all of its commercial glory, this is the appropriate holiday for you.

at the beginning, Valentine’s Day have become a unhappy (Singles attention Day) day for human beings with out giant others, so they decided to rise up and take that acronym back. They selected empowerment and self-love rather than indulging in a self-loathing soiree.

inside the phrases of father sensation, Lizzo, “authentic love subsequently occurs whilst you’re by using yourself.” Singles recognition Day is now celebrated via loving yourself!

history OF SINGLES consciousness DAY

like several awesome movements, Singles attention Day changed into made out of emotions of isolation. round 2001, Dustin Barnes decided to create a day for his organization of pals to revel in their singleness in place of drown of their sorrows. This organization of excessive college boys now not only selected February 15 as a protest of Valentine’s Day however additionally realized they might rating sweet and love-themed gadgets at a big bargain. What’s higher than sweets and muffins? 50% off of goodies and cakes, of course.

Dustin carried the way of life from his high college on to Mississippi nation college, in which the vacation won recognition. Singles consciousness Day was legitimately copyrighted in 2005 and continued to develop from there. thinking about that almost 1/2 of the U.S. population is single, consistent with census effects, it’s no surprise that this present day became so popular. college students began celebrating the day with their unmarried friends by way of changing presents, throwing parties, and taking place pal dates.

Now adults of every age rejoice the day as a reminder that you don’t need a dating to have a good time love. you could love your self, your family, and your buddies. There’s no purpose to feel lonely around Valentine’s Day when love is all round you. the vacation maintains to evolve as people personal their singleness and express self-love. The hashtag #SinglesAwarenessDay presently has over 55,000 posts on Instagram and counting.

in the end, Dustin discovered a singles church institution in which he met his spouse. by means of celebrating Singles cognizance Day, you may probably meet your destiny partner. You in no way recognize!


  1. You meet more people on your own

    Whether it’s because you’re more willing to put yourself out there, or people are more willing to talk to someone on their own, being single often means you are meeting lots of interesting people, wherever you go.

  2. You can become the best version of yourself

    You often have time on your hands, as a single person, to read books, develop a hobby, deepen friendships—and yes, even go on dates. The theme of these activities is that you get to know who you are, pretty well.

  3. You have complete freedom

    What do you want to eat tonight? Where would you like to vacation? Is it ok to splurge on those jeans you’ve been eying? When you’re single, you can do what makes you happy. No compromises are necessary.


Year Date Day
2022 February 15 Tuesday
2023 February 15 Wednesday
2024 February 15 Thursday
2025 February 15 Saturday
2026 February 15 Sunday

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