Halcyon Days

Halcyon Days technically fall in December across the time of the iciness solstice every 12 months. Their story is going back to historical Greece — of affection, gods and goddesses, tragedy at the seas, and birds with magical powers. Halcyon Days are sort of precise as days pass. They confer with a length of happiness and calm — especially within the beyond. weather-clever, they’re a time of calm all through the iciness, while storms do no longer occur. although no longer a holiday per se, Halcyon Days are nonetheless terrific due to the fact they outline nostalgia and warmth. just the idea behind it makes us love December even extra. We’re already swimming in reminiscences of these lengthy summers or that eventful Thanksgiving. keep in mind first-rate phases while the entirety seemed to click on — love, work, and family? thru distinctive seasons or motives, Halcyon Days remind us of days whilst we had been thoroughly content.






think Halcyon Days, and it right now transports us to happy spaces. appropriate times in college with buddies. A period of success and calm at paintings. everybody’s model of it may be exclusive, but the wellknown sentiment is prevalent.





where did the term originate? Greek legend tells the tale of a hen known as the halcyon. those exclusive winged creatures have been acknowledged to build floating nests inside the middle of the Aegean Sea. however that’s no longer all. The historic Greeks believed the halcyon may want to calm the sea’s waves whilst nesting. Fourteen days of nesting. Fourteen beautiful days of calm seas and weather. The halcyon’s nesting length commonly coincided with the winter solstice, starting December 21 or 22. Skies would clean, and the climate, flawlessly comfortable during this time.





Halcyon Days

in line with the Roman poet Ovid, halcyon was the goddess Alcyone (or Halcyone) who threw herself into the ocean after her mortal husband (King Ceyx) drowned. On witnessing this, the gods transformed them into birds. every 12 months, Alycone’s father (Aeolus, the god of winds) might keep the winds calm per week before and after the solstice so the birds can lay their eggs peacefully.











As the parable traveled over centuries and throughout nations, it took on exclusive interpretations. The English-speaking global first came to realize of it around the 14th century via translated literary texts. via the 16th century, the word halcyon stopped regarding the nesting period of the halcyon and have become a word. In “Henry VI,” component I, Shakespeare used halcyon days to denote days of calm.










The figurative usage appears to have caught for the reason that then. currently, the phrase “halcyon days” means any duration in the past characterized with the aid of extended joy. regardless of the authentic Halcyon Days falling inside the dead of iciness, we now use the word to denote sunny, glad days.











Year Date Day
2021 December 14 Tuesday
2022 December 14 Wednesday
2023 December 14 Thursday
2024 December 14 Saturday
2025 December 14 Sunday

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