Govardhan Puja in Bangladesh

Govardhan Puja is on November 15 this year, located at the fourth day of Diwali. The time period method ‘pile of grain,’ and is well known in Hindu families to cherish Lord Krishna’s victory in opposition to Lord Indra by elevating the Govardhan hill. The heap of grain symbolizes this hill and also aligns with the teachings of Lord Krishna on worshipping nature. The day is likewise known as Annakut Pooja, and is one of the maximum essential religious rituals performed throughout India.











The phrase Govardhan is taken from the mountain named the same, which became single-handedly increased through Shri Krishna. ‘go’ is Hindi for cow and ‘vardhan’ method sustenance. ‘cross’ additionally manner senses and the term ‘vardhan’ additionally manner ‘boom,’ resulting in ‘increasing one’s senses’ by means of worshipping Krishna. it’s far believed that people who worship Govardhan hill, growth their belief and devotion in the direction of Shri Krishna.










In Hindu history, this day marks Lord Krishna’s victory in opposition to Lord Indra. The importance of the fundamental elements of human lifestyles are also underlined on Govardhan Puja. at the present time is stated to be the best time to express love in the direction of mother nature. Devotees carry out Annakut Puja – supplying Chappan Bhoga proposing fifty six meals gadgets to their Lord Krishna.









Hindu mythology also tells the tale of ways humans prayed to Lord Indra to guard and shop their harvest. as a substitute, heavy rainfall resulted inside the destruction of those fields. The significance of nature and its results changed into preached by way of Lord Krishna and fought towards Lord Indra’s tyranny as he caused stormy rainfall. by lifting the Govardhan hill, Lord Krishna sheltered the humans and shielded them from Lord Indra’s wrath.









any other legend connected to Govardhan Puja is of King Bali who Lord Vishnu defeated. King Bali is assumed to pop out each year from Pataal Lok on the occasion of Govardhan Puja to visit his state. for this reason, this present day is also widely called ‘Bali Pratipada’ and ‘Padva’ in a few components of India.











Year Date Day
2021 November 15 Monday
2022 November 15 Tuesday
2023 November 15 Wednesday
2024 November 15 Friday
2025 November 15 Saturday

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