Global Handwashing Day 2021 ll ( Friday, October 15 )

Every year, people all over the world commemorate the second week of May, when they observe World Hand washing Day. This special day is dedicated to promote hand washing for health reasons, as well as to increase public awareness of the importance of hand hygiene. Since many communicable diseases can be spread through unsafe hand-washing practices, it is essential that all people practice good hand washing practices. Below, you will find a list of ideas on how to maximize your participation in this global event. What better way to support global health awareness than to get your hands dirty? Every year, on the second week of May, raise funds for immunizations and other important health programs through volunteering for Global Handwashing Day.

The Global Handwashing Partnership has created a series of interactive activities, to raise money and awareness for this crucial effort. Global Handwashing Day also aims to make people more aware of the need for improved hygiene, and promotes hand washing as a vital part of that effort. Since many children do not have access to clean water or proper soap to wash their hands, join your local church to watch an event featuring water conservation. You may be asked to bring bottled water to help supply the church’s needs. Then, hand wash your hands in chlorinated water. When the event ends, recycle the bottles and bottle tops to use them at home or place them in the recycling bin.



Your participation will go a long way toward reducing the number of children who suffer from such contagious diseases as bacterial meningitis, typhoid fever and diarrhea. There are many locations throughout the United States where you can receive free sanitary training to begin learning how to effectively wash your hands. These seminars usually last between one and two hours, and cover the basics of hand washing and the importance of using the right kind of personal hygiene products. Since many people live without access to running water or soap, there is a need to raise consciousness about these issues. A simple solution is to start visiting your local elementary school and explain the importance of using basic hand washing facilities. The children will soon learn the importance of taking care of themselves and follow your example. The next time you see a child without access to clean hands, ask what they are doing to keep their hands clean. Chances are that they are using unsanitized soap to wash themselves.


A child’s skin is much easier than an adult’s, but that doesn’t mean that they should use dirtier products on their hands. Educate the children and offer them unscented hand soaps and encourage them to learn and practice good hygiene habits. This can be done on the global handwashing day, which takes place the day after Thanksgiving in many countries around the world. The benefits of teaching the younger generation about the importance of keeping their hands clean goes beyond prevention of illnesses such as flu and colds. Children who are regularly taught about proper hand washing are less likely to touch germs, which can lead to serious infections such as herpes and shingles. Prevention is better than treatment, as the saying goes, and this goes for more serious illness as well. Educate yourself on global handwashing day and do your part to make it a worldwide cause that will have lasting effects on your children and your community.

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