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Global Forgiveness Day

Every year, on July 7, people all over the world observe a day of celebration to forgive others. On Global Forgiveness Day, people express their deep gratitude to those who have helped them in one way or another throughout their lives. The message on this special day is not only to praise God, but also to extend one’s gratitude to those who have shown themselves to be true friends to humanity. Whether it is family members, relatives, close friends, fellow countrymen, or corporate associates, everyone enjoys this day with excitement and sincere thoughts of “what a great day to have been!”

There are many causes of holding Global Forgiveness Day every July. Some believe that showing one’s gratitude to others is a way of showing love and respect to other human beings. Others believe that showing one’s gratitude to others will increase one’s goodness in the society, and at the same time, seek blessings and forgiveness from God. On Global Forgiveness Day the world celebrates God’s special gift to humanity. Through this special day we try to understand more about our relationship with God and try to seek God’s help whenever we face difficulties in life.

Global Forgiveness Day was first celebrated in the middle of the 20th century, when the United Nations, together with some countries of the World, arranged a party to celebrate the concept of global forgiveness. This day is being celebrated since then. Each year different countries celebrate it on a different date. One of the biggest causes to celebrate it on a yearly basis is the need to show forgiveness to those who were wronged by others.

It’s important to remember that Global Forgiveness Day is not just about forgiveness. There’s always another chance to seek forgiveness from those who have offended you. At the same time you should never let it off your conscience to do something for the people who have wronged you. This is important because forgiveness doesn’t come easily to everyone. We may be able to forgive our children once in awhile but not others. You should always remember that.

When you’re on the path towards healing, it’s very important to have a special day once in a year where you let go of all your guilt because forgiving someone means forgiving yourself as well. Although many people use Global Forgiveness Day to forget about their past wrongdoings and go on with their lives forgetting about this special day, it is actually a good opportunity to let go of past mistakes and forgive those who were affected by them. It’s a chance to let go of the burden and the pain which were caused by the past wrongdoings of other people.

Global Forgiveness Day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of November. The main highlight of the day is a celebration of national forgiveness day. The British Columbia government has organized a large event on this special day to tell the other Canadians who live in Canada how much they are appreciated. At the end of this special celebration, the members of the public in attendance can join forces to find and claim forgiveness to those who have wronged them.



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