German Unity Day in Germany, October 3

The twentieth of February is the German National Flag Day. On this day, the German government honors its vast and varied German identity, history and culture with various events, programs and activities. Many events are plan in coordination with the twenty-second anniversary of the unification of West Germany. This year, there is also the German-Swiss Red Cross Race. As I understand it, the reason why the German government celebrates this national holiday on February twenty-first, is the vision of German unity. According to them, every German should celebrate this day with his / her country’s colors and symbols. Nowadays, many public holidays in Europe are associated with national celebrations of pride. German Unity Day in Germany, October 3



German Unity Day

The German government’s vision of German unity can be manifest in many ways through official events and the like, which are organize all over Germany and the surrounding states. On this particular German Unity Day, the Brandenburg Gate is adorned with the Trifelgardt, a tall iron statue that symbolizes the historical journey of Brandenburg castle and its capture by the German army in Napoleon Bonaparte’s invasion of France. The trifelgardt is a replica of the one that was made in memory of Emperor Maxim von Hohengendorf. Two hundred years ago, this castle was just a simple stone building with a gate that faced east towards the hoefertrade (the Brandenburg road).


German Unity Day

Today, it is a magnificent stately palace with a lake on its western border. On the eastern side of the palace is the impressive Brandenburg Gate. The next German Unity Day events in Germany are related to the Second World War. There will be a visit of the Berlin Wall by the German and French representatives. In Hamburg, representatives of both the left and right will visit the ruined Catholic Church of Hamburg cathedral.


German Unity Day

The last stop for the participants of the German unity day in Germany will be the city of Karlsrund. Where they will get together with the chief of the city and the mayor of Hamburg. During this meeting, the two leaders of the Republic of Germany, Wolfgang Kohler and Reinhard Brauchler,




German Unity Day

will discuss the fate of the Hamburg wall. The next German Unity Day takes place in the month of September and the theme is “reunification”. The first city to host such an event is Dusseldorf. There will be conferences and events in the various parts of Germany. Participants can expect to see some old photographs of the old city of Dusseldorf as well as some new photographs.



The focus on the “reunification” of Germany is on the question of unification of the German language with the German mother tongue. The last German unity day in October will be held in Brandenburg. This place is the former capital of the German empire. Is the place where there is a concentration of German Resistance movements. A special memorial garden has been establish in memory of those. Who lost their lives fighting against the Germans during the Second World War.


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