Everything you need to design an attractive Blogger Template!

Starting the last part of the 1st series on making professional blogger templates. We have previously shared 07 tutorials consistently on this social network. Through these 07 posts, the work of giving a professional look to a simple blogger template is over. With those posts you can make a normal template attractive in just 30-40 minutes. Everything you need to design an attractive Blogger Template!







Everything you need to make Blogger Templates attractive!

We have already completed all the steps that a good template should have in structure. The purpose of today’s post is to discuss in detail what accessories and widgets need to be added to make a template more attractive. Before that check out the live demo of how the template looks like with all the posts from our 1st series –






You can create a complete personal blog through the 07 tutorials that we have shared earlier. Posts share everything a personal blog should be. You may be wondering why I keep saying personal blog? That’s because personal blogs and magazine blogs or news paper blogs are different from each other. Interface of personal blog is clear and perfect. On the other hand, news papers or magazine blogs use various advanced options, which are not applicable to you at all. Now we will share with you all the accessories needed to make a blog attractive.
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Auto Read More With Thumbnail:

Default Blogger template does not include Read More option. As a result, the full text of the blog post shows on the home page and the posts look very awkward. Moreover, if only 05 posts are shown on the home page of your blog in the default system, the home page of the blog will become much bigger. To get rid of this problem you need to add the Auto Read More option. In addition to increasing the beauty of the home page of the blog, this method can show many posts at once. You can add Auto Read More With Thumbnail option from this link. Read More can see this post for button styling.







Search Box:

Every blog or website must have a search box. No website is complete without a search box. For this Blogger has put their own search box option by default, so that anyone can easily add search box. But the search box that blogger has put in their own design is not designed at all. You can add our latest model designed search box from this link.







Popular Posts:

This is a very important widget. It is added to all types of blogs. The Google Blogger team has created such a widget by default. So very easily you can add it to your blog sidebar. Next time we will style it more and share it with you.







Recent Posts:

Such widgets are added to blog sidebars to keep blog readers longer on the blog or to increase page views. As a result, readers can get an idea about the recent posts of your blog from any post. We will share this post with you very soon.







Related Posts:

This is also an effective way to increase blog page views and beautify the blog. This type of widget is used in almost all types of blogs. We have previously shared two such widgets on our blog. You can see our Related Posts widgets from this link.







Accessory design:

Apart from this, you can add various widgets and designs to make the blog more attractive. You will find all the elements to customize your blog in our blog. You will find many more quality content on our blog in near future.







Hopefully our 08 tutorial will bring your blog closer to any good custom blog. Actually my intention was to use your own template instead of using someone else’s customized template. Because no matter how good a template they make, they won’t let you use it for free. Although it may seem free at first glance, if you look carefully, you will see that it contains some encrypted scripts, which you cannot remove. If you remove the encrypted scripts, the blog will not work properly. If nothing else, at least create a blog of your own and use it. Then the comfort and fun of self-made blog will be different. Everything you need to design an attractive Blogger Template!

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