Earn from affiliate marketing

If you want to earn money online by affiliate marketing. You must have any online platform. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online these days. Earn from affiliate marketing. If you want, you can earn thousands to lakhs of rupees every month by doing affiliate marketing from home.




Earn from affiliate marketing

You can earn money by affiliate marketing using any or all of your website or blog, YouTube channel, Facebook page, Facebook profile, Instagram, Twitter for affiliate marketing. In today’s article, we are going to know what affiliate marketing is and how to earn from affiliate marketing. Earn from affiliate marketing. So let’s talk about affiliate marketing.




What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing means selling the services or products of any company or e-commerce website for a commission. In simple terms, affiliate marketing is the selling of any organization’s services or products on its own website or any other platform for a certain amount of commission.

Earning money from affiliate marketing is not as easy as you think. To earn from affiliate marketing you must gain experience with other platforms.

For example, if you can manage other platforms including Facebook page, Facebook profile group or website or blog, then it will be easy for you to earn money by doing affiliate marketing. Earn from affiliate marketing





What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of selling other people’s products on your own website or other platforms with a percentage commission.

That is, assume that Daraz is a large online marketplace in Bangladesh. There are many districts that upload their various products.

If you want, publish the affiliate link of all those products on your blog or website. When a visitor clicks on the affiliate link on your blog and buys that product from Daraz, you will earn commission on the sale of the product.





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This is basically how affiliate marketing works. Which is one of the ways to earn online in today’s young society. Earn from affiliate marketing




What are the types of affiliate marketing?

Before starting affiliate marketing you must know what are the types of affiliate marketing. Since I am going to tell you about affiliate marketing through this article, I will also clear you about the types of affiliate marketing.




There are 3 types of affiliate marketing

  • Unattached Affiliate Marketing.
  • Related Affiliate Marketing.
  • Involved Affiliate Marketing.




What is Unattached Affiliate Marketing?

Unattached affiliate marketing is the paper clip affiliate marketing method. In other words, if you do affiliate marketing in this way, you will have no relationship with whose product you are marketing. Earn from affiliate marketing

That is, in this method, you will only display affiliate link ads on Google, AdWords, Facebook and other social media platforms. You will earn a commission when someone clicks on and buys the product the affiliate link has made.




What is Related Affiliate Marketing?

You must have a website or blog for affiliate marketing. Affiliate links should be setup in different places of that blog or website or between different articles. Earn from affiliate marketing

Maybe you have never used the product or service that you have included an affiliate link on your blog.




What is Affiliate Marketing Involved?

Involved Affiliate Marketing is something that means you can make requests to your fan followers or website visitors to buy the products or services that you are benefiting from using. Affiliate Marketing

Involve affiliate marketing is knowing which website or platform is meant to promote products or services.




Why Affiliate Marketing?

  • The answer to why affiliate marketing is best known to you. If you have a good quality Facebook page or you have a blog site you can earn money from it by doing affiliate marketing along with Google Adsense.
  • If you can earn from affiliate marketing in addition to earning from Google Adsense, your income will double. Earn from affiliate marketing
  • Moreover, I have seen and known many websites who are earning millions of rupees just by doing affiliate marketing.
  • If you have a facebook page where you are not monetized but you can use that page for affiliate marketing.
  • Suppose you have a Facebook group with many members in which you are only passing time. Earn from affiliate marketing
  • You can make money online by doing affiliate marketing using that Facebook group if you want.
  • You can deliver your own product or service to the whole world by doing affiliate marketing.
  • By doing this, the whole world will know about your services and products and the chances of sales will increase. Earn from affiliate marketing
  • Also, those who don’t do freelancing and waste time wandering around online unnecessarily, they can earn thousands to hundreds of thousands of rupees per month by doing affiliate marketing. I hope you will never again ask why you should do affiliate marketing.




Earn from affiliate marketing

Many people do not want to agree that affiliate marketing can earn money. Because they have not come in contact with any people who are earning from affiliate marketing.

So a fear and apprehension works in the mind of those people that how can I earn from affiliate marketing.

How to make money by affiliate marketing, I hope that if you have read the above, you must have understood by now. However, I will try to give you a detailed idea of how to earn money with affiliate marketing.




Affiliate marketing by blogging

When it comes to affiliate marketing, the first thing that comes to mind is blogging. If you have two or four articles on the topic you want to affiliate on your blog and if they are SEO well done, you can do affiliate marketing through those articles.




Earn part time blogging

  • When a person searches Google about that topic, if your blog comes up very quickly in Google search results, then your affiliate marketing income will double.
  • Since through a blog you can present your brand and your publication to the whole world in the internet world, it is very easy and profitable to earn money through affiliate marketing through blog.
  • Think you are already earning with various types of sponsorships on your blog and you can double your income by doing affiliate marketing.
  • By doing this, affiliate marketing will give you another level of expertise in addition to other ways to earn from blogs. Earn from affiliate marketing
  • If you haven’t started earning affiliate marketing from your blog yet, I would recommend you to start affiliate marketing through your blog as soon as possible.
  • You will be surprised to know that till now I have not turned on Google Adsense monetization on this website of mine. But still I am earning 20 to 30 thousand per month from this blog only by affiliate. Earn from affiliate marketing
  • So friends have understood how easy it is to earn money from blogs by doing affiliate marketing.
  • There are various online marketplaces in Bangladesh whose services or products you can earn money by including in your website articles.


Affiliate Marketing with YouTube

These days the promotion and expansion of the internet and as a result the demand for YouTube has increased. You’d be surprised to know that more people watch YouTube videos than they do Google searches.

No one easily searches on Google unless it is very necessary. But on YouTube, people watch videos whether necessary or unnecessary to pass the time. Earn from affiliate marketing





Earn money from Google

  • An average of 500 million people from different parts of the world watch YouTube videos every day.
  • So another popular way to do affiliate marketing is affiliate marketing from YouTube.
  • If you have a popular YouTube channel, you can do affiliate marketing related to the videos you make.
  • There are various online platforms where you can find many affiliate products related to your video with a little searching.
  • Do some research on the internet, select any products for affiliate marketing that go with your channel and add the affiliate link to the description of the video content you are creating.
  • When the viewers of your channel click on the link and buy that product or service, you can earn money by doing affiliate marketing.
  • In this case, it can be said that YouTube is only dependent on Google AdSense. Rather, you can earn a good amount of money from YouTube by doing affiliate marketing in addition to earning from YouTube with various sponsorships.


Affiliate Marketing of Influence

If you are a very popular person on social media where you have accounts i.e. Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. then you can sell your sponsorship products to the fan followers you have.

That is, here you do not have to say verbally that this product is not what you buy. Since an influencer’s lifestyle is always monitored by his fan followers, what he is using and where he goes during the month is very interesting to them.

In this case, if you are an influencer, then just presenting them in front of you on any topic can be called influencer affiliate marketing.

You can earn money by doing affiliate marketing using the above social media accounts.




Affiliate marketing through email

Affiliate marketing through email is basically called email marketing. But this is the branch of affiliate marketing. Email marketing is very popular these days.

Because every android or other device users check email maximum time. In that case you can collect their emails and affiliate there.

There are many strategies of email marketing that means you can get Gmail users from anywhere in any area with just a few clicks.

If you want to know details about how to collect Gmail accounts of all users in a specific area in just a few clicks, then definitely let me know in the comment section of this article. I will discuss that in detail in a later article.




Affiliate marketing through coupon websites

Affiliate marketing through coupon websites is very easy and very profitable as such websites get huge number of visitors.

As a result affiliate marketing is easier and more profitable from there. As a large number of visitors come to such web sites and purchase their daily required digital services or other e-commerce products.

In that case the visitor will buy some product from here. As a result of which you will click from the affiliate link provided there. As a result of which your income will increase from here. Earn from affiliate marketing




Affiliate Marketing Websites

What is affiliate marketing? How does affiliate marketing work? Learn more about how you can make money online with affiliate marketing. Earn from affiliate marketing

Now you might be wondering what are the best affiliate websites? What?




What is domain?

Anyway, if you’ve come this far to read the article, I’m sure you’ve developed a need to make money online with affiliate marketing.

Maybe that’s why you want to know about affiliate marketing websites. And for this reason, I have listed below some of the best domestic and foreign affiliate websites to help you.




Popular international websites for affiliates are:

CJ Affiliate





Some of the domestic affiliate marketing websites are:

BDSHOP Affiliate Program
Daraz.com.bd etc

There are also many other websites to affiliate with. Which we will discuss step by step. Earn from affiliate marketing

Since this article is strictly for online beginners, only the most trusted and popular affiliate websites have been mentioned here.





Affiliate Marketing Course

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Affiliate Marketing

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  • If you think their IT sector is good then you can do affiliate marketing course from there.
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Our last words

Here’s what we learned in today’s article: Easy ways to earn from affiliate marketing. Earn from affiliate marketing

I publish all articles related to online income including affiliate marketing in my blog so that my young brothers and sisters can benefit from reading this blog.

And can start earning online. Earn from affiliate marketing

For more details about affiliate marketing and other topics, ask in the comment section, I will answer your questions as soon as possible. Earn from affiliate marketing

Tried to present correct and accurate information to you. Even then, if there is a mistake, then look at it with forgiveness. Wishing everyone good health and good health, I bid farewell.

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