E-Porcha (ই-পর্চা ), www.eporcha.gov.bd To view any ledger visit this website

You can find out through today’s post, that those of us who have a little more land, take online help to verify the real owner of the land. And recently the Ministry of Land of Bangladesh launched the e-porcha www.eporcha.gov.bd website. Using this website you will be able to know the information about the land and you will be saved from being a broker or a greedy person. E-Porcha www.eporcha.gov.bd To view any ledger visit this website


You can apply for CS, SA, BS, PETI, DIARA, etc. by looking at the ledger or leaflet or for a certified copy

What is an e-porch

Many people in Bangladesh are wondering what e-leaflets are and what kind of benefits e-leaflets provide. Using the online platform, a Bangladeshi citizen can download the land ledger and verify its ownership. So it is said that by creating an e-porch account, using that e-porch account, you can verify your land parcel, ledger, and ownership online. This is an online website service published by the Ministry of Land of Bangladesh.

E-porch login

To log in to e-porch, you need to log in to the official website of the Bangladesh Land Ministry. You can easily log in for this search by entering this link www.eporcha.gov.bd. But to log in you need to first create an account by registering with a mobile number. If you forget your e-leaflet account password. Then you can easily recover the password of your e-leaflet account. Because if you give a forgotten password, a one-time password will be sent to your e-porch account number. By providing that password you can easily recover your e-leaflet account password. Login to your e-leaflet account from below.


All the land records are included in one place. From where you can use your land ledger number. Find out below how many types of ledgers are there.

E-Porcha facility

Both things have their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the simple rule of issuing this e-leaflet published by the Ministry of Land is very convenient for all the people of Bangladesh. Because in order to get the leaflets, we have to go to different land offices and face harassment. But you can easily find e-leaflets, information about your ownership, and ledger by applying online from the land ministry website at home.

The online land ownership verification process

There is no need to go anywhere and admit unnecessary harassment in verifying the ownership of the land. Therefore, by entering the website of the Ministry of Land of Bangladesh, you can verify and select the real owner of the land at home. You can see the form mentioned below.

Category Selection:

Select the category you are looking for.

District Selection:

Choose from the list of districts.

Khatian Type Selection:

This allows you to choose which type of ledger you wish to export.

Select Upazila:

Please select your Upazila from the list below.

Select mouza:

Please select your mouse from the list below.

Khatian No:

Please choose the Khatian of your land.

Dag number:

You can select your land’s DAG number here if you know it.

Ownership Name:

Please provide your own name if you have one.

Father/Husband’s Name:

If there is a Father/Husband, select it here.

Enter captcha code:

Please enter the captcha code on this page in the blank space.

Then, when you have all the information you need, click on the search option.

Collect certified copies from home

If you are not able to take time to pick up the land ledger at work or for any other reason. Then there is nothing to worry about. If you want, the land deed will be delivered to your house by post.

You can save the option to get the land ledger in the application form when you apply for the land ledger. The web portal’s emergency services can be used in the event of an urgent ledger need. Please check the emergency box on the application form to make sure your application is considered immediate.

Land e-leaflet download

There are many who want to download online e-pamphlets of their land from home. Above we have given all the information related to e-leaflets. You can now obtain an e-copy of your land from home by downloading an e-pamphlet. You need to get the original deed of your land from your nearest land office.



On the other hand, you have to bring the original copy of your pamphlet from the land ministry through money. The leaflet will be sent via postal mail in that case. On the other hand, if you need a lot of khatian, you can collect the emergency services on the land ministry website. When you apply for land parcels online. Then decide with a tick mark if you want to get a land deed for May. After paying the fixed amount from the bank and waiting, the land deed will be sent to your home by post.

The land service hotline number

Without harassment for various information related to land. You can call the land service hotline number through the phone in your hand. Then it will be seen that you will get relief from harassment and you will be able to get accurate information from there. The hotline number of land service is 16122. Visit e-leaflet www.eporcha.gov.bd to see any ledger

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