Down the website with Ddos attack from mobile to French website.

I hope you are well, but I know everyone is upset today. Because France has insulted Mohammad (PBUH) to pieces of everyone’s liver. Fire is burning in everyone’s blood today. Everyone is watching cyberattacks on France by Cyber ​​Seventy One and other hacker groups. Maybe you don’t have a PC so you can’t use this little protest opportunity. There is no reason to worry. I have brought the trick of how you can participate in it with mobile. Today we will be using the most popular Luik Tools option.








which is most commonly use in DIDs attacks. At the same time, you can completely down that website by hacking through it. But at the same time hundreds of people will do Ddos attack on the same website. Instructions on when to attack a website will be given in the Facebook Cyber ​​Eighty-One group below the post.Down the website with Ddos attack from mobile to French website.







What it requires:-

☑️Termux Apps☑️ Wifi or Unlimited data pack





Let’s start:-

First download Termux app from playstore.
Termux apps – TermuxOnce installed, give Termux storage permission from settings.







Then open the Temrux app and enter the commands I am giving one by one and press Enter.

First:- apt update && upgrade

Then:- apt install git python2

Then select Y for Y/n option here.

Then:- git clone

Then:- cd Ddos404

Then:- ls






Give two commands one after the other. There was a mistake in the screenshot.

Then:- sh

Select Ddos attack with 1.

Enter 1 again to select Loic Tools.








Then enter the website of your targeted website.

Give port 8080 or 7070 and press enter to see.

DDos Attack will be launched on the website.



When the attack on the website is mentioned from the group, they will continue to attack that website, while sleeping at night, they will leave the tarmac open. For the second attack, open Termux and follow the cd ddos404 command. A number of French commercial sites have been shut down so far by the coordinate attack. Through which France is facing many economic losses every hour.

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