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Dictionary day is the fourth Saturday of October each year. It is a time for children to explore new words and make inferences about the language. The event was started in 1911 when the United States first made dictionaries available to public. Each year, the words and meanings of the previous year are put into a book for everyone to enjoy. The books are purchased along with cards that have the definition of the word printed on them.

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Many adults look forward to dictionary day because it is their chance to brush up on their language skills. A lot of teachers provide class trips to local libraries where students can use their dictionaries. This gives students an opportunity to practice their spelling and come up with explanations for unfamiliar words they encounter. During the trips, students get to see and converse with a wide range of people from their family and friends. This gives them the chance to develop real-life communication skills while developing their dictionaries.

Students who have never written anything but simple facts in school will benefit from taking a dictionary trip. They can compare one word with another, to see how commonly they are used and learn about word meaning as they compare the two. After their tour, the students can return to their home dictionary and use the appropriate entries to write short entries. Writing an essay using a lexicographer’s word is like putting together a puzzle –a nice one at that.


Most people enjoy taking a trip to their local library to get a new dictionary day entry. The reference books are often available for purchase and students can take advantage of buying one for every visitor to their home. Libraries offer a large supply of reference books so students may end up not needing to buy a new one for a few months. All the teachers need to do is drop off the books and the students can enjoy their visit.

Some communities to host their own version of Dictionary day. They celebrate with dances, a buffet, and a day of games and food. The first dictionary day was put together by Rev. Samuel Stone and distributed to all the graduating churches in the United States. The celebration has come a long way since its conception and now is celebrated in many American communities.

As students study lexicography during the summer break, they can develop their dictionaries before the semester ends. They may not immediately become a lexicographer, but many enjoy the process of writing a new entry. As the children return to their homes for the next semester, they may find they have some new collections in their rooms. A good lexicographer always knows what his or her favorite word is and this knowledge should be used to inspire new entries in dictionaries all year round.

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