Cities for life day

On cities for lifestyles Day, which falls annually on November 30, we apprehend the proper of every person to live. The day, located by means of cities around the sector, commemorates the primary abolishment of the dying penalty. The idea of the abolishment of capital punishment became first cited in a 1764 treatise written through Cesare Beccaria, in which he argued against the death penalty as punishment.










 History  OF towns FOR lifestyles DAY

there may be one factor no force on the earth can take away from every folks, and that is our right to stay. That become, but, now not the case in our justice system, whilst the death penalty turned into established. This brash criminal punishment is as old as human civilization and became extra famous than we would really like to confess.









That turned into till Cesare Beccaria, one of the finest eu Enlightenment writers of the time had some thing to say about it. he is referred to for his masterpiece on crook regulation and the reform machine, “On Crimes and Punishments”, which he posted in 1764. In fact, the work is so first rate that it has been translated into 22 languages.









In it, Beccaria put forth a number of the first present day arguments towards the dying penalty, which made it the first full-scale work to tackle crook reform and to indicate that criminal justice need to observe rational principles. Beccaria also argued towards torture, believing it became cruel and unnecessary to deal with every other human being in this sort of way.








as a result, Grand Duchy of Tuscany in Italy became the first pre-unitarian country to abolish the loss of life penalty on November 30, 1786, beneath the reign of Pietro Leopold II. This made Tuscany the primary civil country in the global to get rid of torture and capital punishment.










In 2002, in reminiscence of this anniversary, the network of Sant’Egidio, a Christian organization, started selling the cities for life Day international with the guide of international human rights businesses. considering then, the dying penalty has end up much less and much less commonplace within the global at large.











Year Date Day
2021 November 30 Tuesday
2022 November 30 Wednesday
2023 November 30 Thursday
2024 November 30 Saturday
2025 November 30 Sunday

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