Child’s Emotional Development: Your Do’s and Don’ts as a Parent

In our society, if we see any problem in someone’s behavior, many times fingers are pointed at his family. Although it should not be true, in many cases, the role of family in a person’s good or bad behavior is very important. If the mental health of the child is taken extra care and some precautions are taken, the chances of the child becoming a good person in later life increases manifold. Let’s go into details about this. Child’s Emotional Development: Your Do’s and Don’ts as a Parent




Fahim, a 13-year-old child, is very restless, is very inattentive to studies, and cannot finish any work. Results, poor results in school, complaints from teachers and strict stance of parents. Sadly, Fahim’s highly educated and reputed bank working parents never realized that their child’s hyperactive, non-verbal, inattentive behavior disorder (ADHD) required timely treatment.




This problem is not only with Fahim’s parents but also with majority of parents in our country. They focus only on the physical development of the child from the time of birth but forget the important thing like mental development of the child. A child’s excellent personality, integrity, good manners all depend on the education he receives from his parents at an early age.



Why Good Parenting Matters

We all know more or less about Aishi, the teenager who brutally murdered her parents in her home in 2013. On June 5, 2017, the learned High Court commuted Aishe’s death sentence to life imprisonment. While delivering the verdict, the panel also questioned the role of Aishi’s parents in her upbringing. They said that parents and guardians are the first teachers of a child and it is their responsibility to impart moral education to the child, give adequate time and create a favorable environment. The importance of good parenting can be easily understood from this historical judgment.



A child’s mental development, moral education, knowledge of honesty etc. mostly depends on the education provided by the parents, so the responsibility of the immoral behavior of the minor child falls on the parents as well. Good parenting lays the foundations of a child’s personality, lifestyle, morals, integrity, choices and overall behavior and plays an important role in building an honest, balanced and beautiful life in their future.




now let’s see its benefits-

1) Children who grow up with their parents in a safe and healthy family environment from birth can easily develop happy and joyful relationships with others in their future life.




2) Children who grow up with secure relationships with their parents learn to control their emotions under stress and in difficult situations.

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