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celebration of life day

although birthday celebration of lifestyles Day, which lands on January 22, became at first instituted to have fun the kids in our lives, it has come to suggest all that’s desirable approximately being alive. It’s clean to forget about on occasion, however we’re all fortunate to be here. Take time to rejoice that the good some distance outweighs the bad in this existence. it all begins with gratitude and appreciation for where you’re proper now, and wherever you wish your desires take you. every lifestyles is treasured, person, and a big present, so take a bit more time today to have fun it.

history OF birthday party OF existence DAY

even though Ronald Regan firstly installed the holiday to ship an anti-abortion message, the birthday celebration of lifestyles Day has emerge as an afternoon to have a good time both the lives of youngsters and ourselves. birthday celebration of lifestyles Day changed into originally called national Sanctity of Human existence Day and became proclaimed in January 1984 via Ronald Regan. on the time, President Regan selected to harken back to the landmark abortion case Roe v Wade with the aid of putting country wide Sanctity of Human lifestyles Day on the eleven-year anniversary of the decision at the case.

Anti-abortion agencies championed the vacation and felt that it expressed their sentiments on the significance of human existence at all stages. This belief has been echoed in Donald Trump’s declaration at the day from 2019. businesses who champion the proper to pick out, like deliberate Parenthood, denounced the day as a way of restricting ladies’s rights to autonomy over their bodies.

The history of national Sanctity of Human life/party of lifestyles Day has been rocky. even though both Bush presidencies continued the holiday, it changed into discontinued for 8 years beneath President invoice Clinton. Donald Trump has continued the vacation at some stage in his presidency, as nicely, and some churches have even marked it as a holy day on their calendars. the vacation mechanically falls on a Sunday for this non secular cause, despite the fact that most effective in 2018 Donald Trump proclaimed it’s celebrated on a Monday.

these days, many view the celebration of lifestyles Day as an afternoon to spend greater time with their nieces, nephews, youngsters, grandchildren, or maybe simply youngsters they babysit. every human life is treasured, and today is the day to remind ourselves we are all fortunate to be right here and lead the lives we do. despite our person and group challenges, there is continually accurate to be found and gratitude to be shown – and what better day to locate the superb than birthday party of lifestyles Day?


  1. It’s a great time to reflect

    In our day-to-day lives, the little negatives can start to seem really big. Your commute sucks, your roommate is messy, your lunch was boring. Today offers a chance to get out of the negative rut that’s sucking you in, and appreciate all the good that happened in your childhood and in your current life. Reflecting on what it is you value in life helps you set goals and take your next steps, so today is a great day for planning!

  2. It helps us connect with family and our children

    Family and friends are some of the best parts of life, and definitely the best people to celebrate life with! Today is a perfect excuse to spend extra time with your children and appreciate them for all they are.

  3. It’s good for us!

    There are seemingly endless psychological and physical benefits of adopting a grateful and happy mindset. Not only will it lead you to a more fulfilled feeling in your life, but it can help alleviate physical pain, ward off mental illnesses like anxiety and depression, and even strengthen your immune system! Celebration of Life day is the perfect day to turn your outlook around.


Year Date Day
2022 January 22 Saturday
2023 January 22 Sunday
2024 January 22 Monday
2025 January 22 Wednesday
2026 January 22 Thursday

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