Kargil vijay diwas

Vijay Diwas

Vijay Diwas on December sixteen is while the Indian armed forces, consisting of veterans, citizens, and students, pay tribute to and keep in mind the sacrifices in their squaddies. Vijay Diwas celebrates India’s historical military victory against Pakistan in the 1971 struggle; which also liberated Bangladesh from Pakistan.               … Read more

Victory day of Bangladesh 16 December

Victory day of Bangladesh 2021

whilst is Bangladesh Victory Day? the holiday is continually celebrated on December sixteenth. called ‘Bijôy Dibôs’ in Bengali, this holiday commemorates the victory of the Allied forces high Command over the Pakistani forces within the Bangladesh Liberation war in 1971.                     history of Bangladesh Victory Day … Read more

Kazakhstan Independence Day

Kazakhstan Independence Day

Kazakhstan’s biggest countrywide excursion on the grounds that 1991 has clearly been its Independence Day, celebrated on December 16. What makes it even larger is the reality that it is often celebrated across days — December sixteen and 17. now not simply that, if December 16 falls on a weekend, the subsequent Monday is taken … Read more

Bahrain national day

Bahrain country wide Day is on sixteen and 17 December. That’s targeted days to have fun the gem that is this island kingdom. In 1971, Bahrain received independence after a long generation of British rule. it’d be the start of a rich and non violent bankruptcy for Bahrain — a success tale scripted for and … Read more

Victory day of Bangladesh

Victory day of Bangladesh

additionally called Bijoy Dibos, Bangladesh Victory Day is widely known on December sixteen each year. The event commemorates the victory of the Bangladesh and Indian forces over the Pakistani forces within the Bangladesh Liberation battle in 1971, at some stage in which close to 3 million Bangladeshi have been killed, even as 10 million have … Read more

Bangladesh celebrates Victory Day December

Bangladesh celebrates Victory Day

DHAKA, Bangladesh Bangladesh rejoiced on its countrywide Victory Day, with tens of hundreds thronging to the road bearing country wide flags, placards and festoons even as dressed up in crimson and inexperienced representing the blood of martyrs in the 1971 Liberation struggle as well as the us of a’s inexperienced herbal beauty.       … Read more