Car Insurance in Portugal 2023

In Portugal, like most countries, car insurance is compulsory. But relatively affordable compared to places like the UK. If you are thinking of traveling to Portugal and driving, make sure your vehicle is properly insured. Let’s see everything you need to know about car insurance in Portugal. Car Insurance in Portugal 2023





What is car insurance like in Portugal?

Car insurance is compulsory in Portugal and requires at least third party insurance to cover damage to other vehicles. is. You don’t need more expensive insurance to cover all damage to your car.

In Portugal, the vehicle is insured, not the driver. Even if you own more than one vehicle, each one must be insured.

Portuguese car insurance has a system of bonuses and penalties. Annual discounts are available if you haven’t made a car insurance claim through Premio Bonus Malus. Usually the maximum discount is around 20%. Making multiple auto insurance claims will also increase your premiums.





Types of car insurance in Portugal

There are three types of car insurance in Portugal: compulsory civil liability insurance (seguro de terceiros obrigatorio) and supplementary civil liability insurance (seguro de terceiros com cobertura Complementar) . ) and comprehensive insurance (seguro de danos proprios).





Compulsory Liability Insurance

All vehicles must have at least liability insurance. This insurance covers expenses incurred by third parties such as: B. Vehicle Damage, Personal Injury Expenses, and Damage to Personal Property.

€1.2 million for property damage and approximately €6 million for personal injury





Applying for car insurance in Portugal

To apply for car insurance in Portugal, you will need the following documents. Alianz
car insurance in Portugal
Montepio Geral
Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about car insurance in Portugal

car insurance in Portugal Auto insurance in EU countries is available. In addition, national insurance that is part of the Green Card Authority can also be used in Portugal. This includes the UK.





Will my car insurance cover the cost if I have an accident in Portugal?

Yes. However, which insurance benefits are covered depends on the type of insurance. Each vehicle must have a minimum liability insurance to cover third party damage costs. You can also pay more for more comprehensive coverage that includes your vehicle.





Will my insurance punish me if I have a car accident in Portugal?

Yes. Car insurance in Portugal has a penalty system. If you get into a car accident, your insurance premium will be higher. Car Insurance in Portugal 2023





Is car insurance compulsory in Portugal?

Car insurance is compulsory in Portugal. However, you only need liability insurance to cover damage to other vehicles. It only costs €150 a year, depending on the insurance company. Car Insurance in Portugal 2023

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