brew monday

Brew Monday, on the 1/3 Monday in January each year, January 17 this yr, is a time to agenda an online, phone, or in-individual meeting with someone who may additionally have in any other case located a cold, gray wintry weather’s day an almost insurmountable obstacle. The day was introduced about by using an global charity referred to as “Samaritans” — which does not endorse any religious religion or sect — started in 1953 by way of a vicar named Chad Varah.


an excellent vicinity to begin getting to know the history of Brew Monday is with the authentic Biblical parable of the good Samaritan. within the story, a tourist is set upon by thieves and left injured and almost bare on the aspect of the road. because the daytime processes, a Jewish priest takes place alongside, and although the theft victim is a Jew, the priest averts his eyes and passes with the aid of. a while later, a Levite also passes by using with out giving any useful resource to the person. ultimately, a Samaritan — conventional enemies of the Jews — arrives and sets apart his politics to carry the person to assist and safety.

It’s on this spirit that the charity Samaritans operates nowadays. in the closing 60 years, the business enterprise has undergone numerous modifications in management and acquisitions, at the same time as increasing outdoor the UK — its authentic birthplace — to the usa, Asia, and some other place. by means of 2014, Samaritans changed into receiving over 5 million requires help every year, and in 2020 they created the “Brew Monday” marketing campaign to provide companies of pals a cause to live in touch and percentage their troubles. constantly, their primary thrust has been to function a toll-unfastened helpline — at the range 116 123 in the uk.

brew monday

part of Brew Monday is industrial, as it’s miles meant to raise price range for Samaritans’ ongoing operations. And we propose staying within the traces, we will afford to. but even if now not, choose a Monday this iciness and make a note to reach out to a pal who wishes to hear that they’re worthwhile and cherished.

these days, Samaritans fields millions of calls, emails, and other types of contacts in several international locations, providing a exclusive listening ear to anybody who suffers from emotional misery, as much as and including suicidal ideation. In current years, the org has advocated people to set aside any Monday — especially in wintertime — to get a collection collectively for tea and desserts and to discuss members’ issues with out worry of reprisal in any way.


  1. It’s about compassion

    We won’t tell you a children’s fairy tale about how there’s no one out there who would not only refrain from helping someone who was down, but would also exacerbate the situation if they could. That’s why sentiments like the ones behind Brew Monday are so important — volunteers and regular old friends can make a strike for a victory on the good side of the board.


  2. We can fully participate

    If there’s anything better than touching base with friends who need that bit of encouragement, it’s raising money for a great charity at the same time! One Monday this January, see if you can pull an official Brew Monday event together.


  3. It represents what’s good about religion, without the dogma

    At the heart of Brew Monday is one of the best things to be found in life — brotherly love. Some people don’t feel the need to go to church to feel it and express it. Positivity is its own reward.



Year Date Day
2022 January 17 Monday
2023 January 16 Monday
2024 January 15 Monday
2025 January 20 Monday
2026 January 19 Monday

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