Bandanna Day

Bandanna Day is located on the ultimate Friday in October, falling on October 29 this 12 months, to have fun humans tormented by cancer by means of raising focus and help for all the ones wh0 put on the accent. Why bandannas? Chemotherapy and powerful anti-most cancers drugs motive extreme hair loss, and lots of patients flip to alternative way of masking their heads, generally such as bandannas.












human beings consider the word ‘bandanna’ comes from the Hindi phrase ‘Badhnati’ or ‘Badnahati,’ which means ‘to tie.’ Its records begins in South Asia and the middle East, in the overdue seventeenth century. With an increase in change with the a long way East via the 18th century, the bandanna got here to the West and took off. The Dutch East India employer imported cashmere bandannas, which had been a massive hit with the women. more demand raised the costs till most effective the higher training may want to afford them. soon, England and Scotland got into the business, generating their personal scarf-like bandannas. after they reached Portugal, they have been renamed ‘bandannoe,’ earlier than in the end coming to be called ‘bandanna.’ The patterns additionally changed over the years with every lifestyle and country it become added into.










As for america, they have become enamored with the bandanna because of George Washington’s wife, Martha. At an unintentional meeting with innovative printmaker, John Hewson, Martha showed him drawings of militia flags and cannons, hoping he could print them. the next yr, the Washingtons obtained an surprising parcel from Hewson. In it became a image of widespread Washington on horseback, revealed on cloth. therefore, the bandanna came to American colonies. due to the fact then, the bandanna has been used for political causes, and later, a mess of social and private causes, consisting of as a visual image for lots cancer patients present process chemotherapy.










‘Hair destructive occasions,’ as medical experts call it, are a totally not unusual aspect-effect of most cancers treatments and can also affect the great of existence. sufferers old and young have shown mental and psychosocial reactions when faced with hair loss. Surveys on cancer patients ranked hair loss as the maximum disturbing effect of chemotherapy, and about 8% of the patients stated they could avoid chemo completely if they may, attributable to the hair loss on my own. children additionally have a tendency to suffer social isolation due to hair loss. Out of this truth, a light shines. Bandannas have come to their rescue, presenting safety to the scalp and brightening their look (and day) just a little.











The records and beginning of Bandanna Day are nonetheless uncertain, even though it is concept to be the brainchild of an Australian welfare fundraising enterprise referred to as CanTeen. They arrange a yearly Bandanna Day to elevate consciousness and encourage support for younger human beings living with cancer.











Year Date Day
2022 October 28 Friday
2023 October 27 Friday
2024 October 25 Friday
2025 October 31 Friday
2026 October 30 Friday


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