Austrian National Day

Austrian country wide Day is widely known on October 26. it has been fifty six years in view that at the moment changed into declared an official holiday. Did you realize, in this day, Austria followed the Federal Constitutional regulation at the Neutrality of Austria? this is the day on which Austria said its neutrality and decided that it will no longer be worried in any navy alliances and received’t permit any army bases to be set up in its territory. this day is also celebrated as Day of the Austrian Flag and pronounces the re-status quo of Austria’s sovereignty after world struggle II. This selection for Neutrality have become part of the country wide attention of the Austrians.











history OF AUSTRIAN countrywide DAY

Austrian national Day has been celebrated when you consider that 1955, commemorating the day Austria signed a announcement of Neutrality. This selection was an declaration with the aid of the Parliament of Austria to declare Austria as impartial. The declaration turned into followed as a constitutional act of parliament.









The declaration turned into a result of the joint career of Austria by way of France, the United Kingdom, the us, and the Soviet Union throughout 1945 and 1955. it’s far recognized that if Austria had not declared its neutrality following the withdrawal of the allied forces from the united states, the Soviet Union might now not have signed the Austrian state Treaty in may also 1955. On October 25, 1955, the final overseas troops left Austria.










The detail of neutrality has grow to be ingrained within the identity of Austrians on account that 1955. it is an critical part of Austria’s constitution and international law. considering the fact that Austria is a member of the european Union, there had been some debate whether Austria would continue to be impartial or whether it might trade its neutral repute.









After the end of the second one world conflict, the 4 allied forces occupied Austria and divided it into 4 regions. The Austrian parliament changed into democratically elected however each authorities decision was accredited by way of the allied forces earlier than the selection was taken. After the Austrian country Treaty was signed on may 15, 1955, it put an give up to the occupation of the Allied forces.












Year Date Day
2021 October 26 Tuesday
2022 October 26 Wednesday
2023 October 26 Thursday
2024 October 26 Saturday
2025 October 26 Sunday

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