26th March The Independence Day of Bangladesh l Bangladesh Independence Day 2022

26th March The Independence Day of Bangladesh

Bangladesh Independence Day is on the 26 March. This year, on the evening of 25 March, Bangladesh celebrates its Independence Day with much fanfare and excitement. The Independence Day of Bangladesh, celebrating on 26 April, is an international public holiday. It commemorates the independence of the country from Pakistan in the early morning of 26 April 1971.

Bangladesh was ruled by the British for more than half a century. Bangladesh became an independent country after the end of Liberation War in 1971.26 March.26th March The Independence Day of Bangladesh was one of the countries that were carved out of India when the partitioning of India took place. Bangladesh joined the Commonwealt1970, Nations in 1970 and within a short period, it gained access to the global political and economic trends.

On Bangladesh Independence Day 26th March The Independence Day of Bangladesh  , celebrations are widespread in Bangladesh. In fact, the government of Bangladesh has designated this day to be the Bangladesh National Day. Thousands of persons gather in the capital city of Bangladesh – Dhaka to celebrate this grand national occasion. There are many events organized in the different districts and communities of Bangladesh to mark this auspicious day. A large number of public celebrations and programs are held in the cities of Bangladesh. Students of both genders from all over the nation come to participate in these celebrations.

26th March The Independence Day of Bangladesh Flag flies high over the Bangladesh streets and the celebrations on Bangladesh Independence Day are equally huge in the other eastern parts of India. There are several reasons due to which Bangladesh is preparing itself to celebrate its independence day with enthusiasm and jubilation. To start with, there have been ongoing border clashes along the Bangladesh-India border since decades and the Bangladesh government has also maintained an unwavering border control policy to ensure that there is no infiltration of infiltrations in Indian ruled Bangladesh.

Bangladesh was also one of the few East Asian countries to gain full political independence without losing all territorial integrity. Bangladesh was able to retain all its key political and economic assets after it gained independence and still enjoys cordial relations with India. The two countries have always remained close to each other and they have cordial cooperation and are good neighbors. It was on the 25th anniversary of Bangladesh Independence Day that Bangladeshis celebrated this glorious event with great joy and happiness.

On this occasion, all the newspapers across the country carried news of celebrations in Bangladesh and they were decorated with red and white ribbons and placards which read as follows ” Bangladesh Independence Day. On this day, Bangladesh became independent from Pakistan. Bangladesh is an independent country now. She is brave struggle for freedom is an inspiration to all freedom-loving people of the world.26th March The Independence Day of Bangladesh 



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