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International Mother Language Day | Ekushe February, Bangla and history of Bhasha Dibas

21 February commemorates the language martyrs of East Pakistan who fought imposition of Urdu and hooked up Bangla as their reliable language nearly many years before Bangladesh have become an independent united states of america

“Amaar bhayer rokte rangano Ekushe February/Aami ki bhulte pari… (My brothers gave their blood for 21 February/am i able to overlook…).”
February 21 is widely known as the international mom Language Day, as declared with the aid of the United international locations in 2000. Bengalis across the world, but, were commemorating the day as Bhasha Dibas or Shahid Dibas for extra than six a long time now. It’s 21 February again day after today, whilst the song referred to above will reverberate both in Bangladesh and West Bengal — the 2 international locations divided with the aid of boundaries and faith however certain by using language — remembering the sacrifice a number of their personal made for Bangla, their mom tongue.

Amar Ekushey February.


It become a completely unique warfare. In international history, there aren’t many examples of people giving up their lives to store their language. however this passed off for Bangla. The bloodshed over mother tongue immortalised Salaam, Barkat, Rafique and Jabbar, in whose reminiscence Bangladesh observes Bhasha Shaheed Dibash every year on ‘Ekushe February’.

Shaheed Minar (Martyr Monument)

After a tough-earned Independence from the British in 1947, the area became still nursing the wounds of Partition from India when a devastating diktat came in 1948. The Governor-general of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, declared that “Urdu, and only Urdu” could be the commonplace country language for both components of Pakistan.

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In no temper to oblige, the citizens of East Pakistan have been up in arms. They might not settle for Urdu as their reputable language in place of Bangla, their mom tongue.

The order sparked good sized protests a few of the Bengali-speaking majority in East Bengal, and the discontent was steadily leading to unrest. going through rising sectarian tensions, the Nurul Amin government outlawed public conferences and rallies, imposing prohibiting orders under section a hundred and forty four.

File:21 Feb 1952 MeetingAtAamTola.png - Wikimedia Commons.

On 21 February 1952, an movement committee formed to fight the order enamel and nail determined to defy the law and organise a protest on the Dhaka college campus. because the protesting college students commenced assembling for the meeting, the government unleashed the police on them. The guys in uniform fired teargas shells and additionally arrested many students, which handiest intensified the protests. The police then opened fire, and history become made.

Salaam, Barkat, Rafique and Jabbar died within the firing, and the protests against ‘Urdu-simplest’ policy took the shape of a motion.

On 17 November 1999, 21st of February was declared as World Mother Language...


The killings took the protests to all corners of the usa and all sections of society, leading to enormous civil unrest. humans hit the roads, marching down the streets barefoot. In Dhaka, it’s nonetheless a custom for people to walk to the Shaheed Minar, a country wide monument erected as a tribute to the language martyrs, each February 21.

crucial Shaheed Minar decorated with plant life on worldwide mother Language Day, in Dhaka on February 21, 2019. (photo: The daily superstar/ANN)

whilst college students were at the vanguard of this post-Independence bloody conflict, poets and writers too got vocal to assert their Bengali identification. There had been extra protests and greater deaths, though the precise casualty figures were in no way known due to censorship on information.

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Pakistan had misplaced the plot on this a part of its territory. The army rule imposed on East Pakistan best made the matters worse.

After four greater years of warfare, the Pakistan authorities relented and granted 2d professional language fame to Bangla in 1956. The Language movement or Bhasha Andolan changed into able to maintain the script and establish Bangla because the nation language for use in government affairs, in media, foreign money, stamps, and also as a medium of training.

From the student unrest had emerged a brand new chief, Sheikh Mujib-ur-Rehman, who went on to become the founder of Bangladesh whilst it attained freedom in 1971 with help from India.

February 21 is a country wide holiday in Bangladesh, and commemoration of the day as the Shahid Dibash (Martyrs’ Day) is its greatest competition.

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And the festivity isn’t always restricted to Bangladesh. West Bengal celebrates the day as Bhasha Divas with identical reverence and exuberance. At Shantiniketan, the day is celebrated in a huge manner each 12 months, when students from Bangladesh are joined via others in making a song the ‘Ekushe February’ anthem, ‘Amaar bhayer rokte… An event takes vicinity at the Lipika Auditorium at the morning of 21 February whilst the scholars offer flora in memory of the language martyrs. This yr, the function will take place on the newly constructed Bangladesh Bhavan, at the same time as a separate occasion will take region inside the night at Lipika Auditorium too in which Visva Bharati students from China, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Russia, Vietnam, Myanmar and Iran can even sing in their mother tongue.

studies propose one language disappears from the sector each week, and in keeping with reports at the least 43% of the estimated 6000 languages spoken inside the international are endangered. A language in no way dies by myself. along side it die a culture and its highbrow background. And this is what they desired to preclude when the Bengalis of East Pakistan fought that the one-of-its-kind warfare.

Scenes like these are part of daily life in Bangladesh... amazingly there a...

history does now not have some other evidence of such a combat. An incident that comes closest to this become witnessed in India, and once more had a Bangla connection. In can also 1961, police had opened fire on college students who had been opposing imposition of Assamese language in place of Bengali in Barak valley.

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